Ecstatic Life Series



MoeSong WindSong and Steve Moe present the

Ecstatic Life Series

May 3, 4 & 5 2018

Thursday, May 3rd, 12pm to 9pm   
But I Don’t Wanna be a Monk

An exercise of integration…
everyday life with deep spirituality

What if connection and communication with the divine mystery is accessible in the ordinary?

Friday, May 4th, 10am to 7pm  
Day to Day Sensuality

An exercise in enriching your relationship
with your body and with your environment

What if you honored, trusted and listened to your body, opening you to life affirming relationships?


Saturday, May 4th, 4am to 1pm
"Orgasmic Death"


What if our circle of life traveled around meeting in exactly the same point… an orgasmic birth and orgasmic death being perfect reflections of each other?

What if feeling and smelling the deceased dissolved our fears of death, allowing us to sing and dance, cry and laugh our loved ones into their next journey?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~

10 spaces each day because it’s being held right here at the MoeSong palace of sensual delights… magic carpets, colors, scents and sounds!

Field trips, meditations, and exercises in delightful living all guided in a way to encourage you to explore new frontiers.

Participants are invited to lodge here at MoeSong and Joe’s Pasty Shop (next door) for no charge. Please bring food to pass. Some snacks and drinks will be provided during our time together. You might also arrange housing with local participants. We can arrange contacts. And, if you wish, there is a bed and breakfast, Cranberry Hill, as well as a hotel within a 10 minute walk. 

Your investment:

$175 for 1 day
$310 for 2 days
$390 for 3 days
$100 deposit(nonrefundable after April 27th) upon registration - balance due May 1st


Please register with Steve Moe


Make a payment:

  Moe and Windsong are located in beautiful Rhinelander Wisconsin at 127 Randall St. Call for more information 715.362.3230