We Bring


WindSong and Steve Moe offer personal development retreats, individual massage and breathwork sessions, professional breathworker training and business consultations guiding you on a journey to your source, to your inner and intuitive knowledge. 

Conscious Breath, Massage, Movement, Stillness, Voice and Silence are skillfully and compassionately combined to inspire the natural alchemy so deeply desired by your body and soul.   

In this place of increased self acceptance you began to reveal your primal beauty and intelligence assisting in the resolution of fear, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, romantic/sexual issues, anger and lack of purpose.  Restored is awe and wonder for your body, your life.  


Retreats, Trainings and Consulting: contact us for rate and payment information.

Individual Sessions

½ hour - $60

¾ hour - $75

1 hour - $85

1¼ hour - $95

1½ hour - $115

2 hour - $160

Dance of Your Soul - $450

*As we are Wisconsin Registered Massage Therapists costs are sometimes reimbursable by insurance and often qualify for Flex Plan coverage.

  Moe and Windsong are located in beautiful Rhinelander Wisconsin at 127 Randall St. Call for more information 715.362.3230