what we bring

In your personal session or group, Conscious Breathing, Massage, Movement, Stillness, Voice, and Silence may be artistically combined in a ceremony of self-discovery. Create a powerful alchemy in your being to restore awe and wonder for your body, your spirit, and your life.


  • Retreats, Training, and Consultion – contact us for rate and payment information.

who we serve

Are you seeking something? Creativity, inspiration, engagement?
Is your life, or a relationship, in a time of transition or transformation?
Are you stressed, or confused, or in crisis?
Let Breathwork be your guide.

Small Groups
Join us in Community Breathwork! Or schedule your own private group session.

Breathwork therapy has been effectively used by psychotherapists, physical therapists, nurses, physicians, massage therapists, counselors, social workers, and others. Through Transformations, certifications are approved for Continuing Education Credit by the NBCC and NAADAC.

individual sessions

1 hour – $130

1¼ hour – $145

1½ hour – $165

2 hour – $210

Dance of Your Soul – $470

*As we are Wisconsin Registered Massage Therapists, costs are sometimes reimbursable by insurance and often qualify for Flex Plan coverage.

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what is breathwork?

Your breath: simple and powerful and accessible for healing, for exploration, for connecting. Breath is a tool that is integrated with so many physiological functions of your body: vocalizing, memory formation, emotion, awareness, immunity, cellular energy metabolism and more – including direct links between breathing behavior and high order brain activity.

learn more about breathwork

We will guide you in listening to your soul and learning the breathing science behind the breath techniques most effective for you, to bring your mind and body in harmony with your soul.