what is breathwork?

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rejuvenate your whole life with breathwork— it’s a science and an art

Whether you’re going through personal conflicts of your own or your occupation is helping others go through their struggles, breathwork may be what you’re seeking.

Moesong can help you discover the wonders this therapeutic practice can have on your life and/or the lives of your clients. Breathwork is a tool for individuals or for therapeutic practitioners to give their clients and brings about needed self-exploration and personal empowerment.

All breathwork, whether done on an individual or in a small group, can help with healing a variety of emotional, mental and physical ailments. A trained breathwork practitioner guides people through the breathwork experience, which teaches “conscious breathing” a natural function, to heal imbalances of the body and the mind.

Practiced over the centuries in Eastern cultures, breathwork was introduced to western therapies nearly a half century ago. Various methods of breathwork exist, as do combinations of methods. All help to heal present or past traumas that may be affecting your life today.

breathwork science

Breathwork techniques utilize the idea that stress in small, controlled amounts (like changing breathing behaviors or hyper–oxygenating the body) causes the body to get back into a stable state (homeostasis— our bodies’ natural reaction). Proper breathwork technique releases hormones and can minutely change the body’s pH balance, thus rejuvenating the mind and body.

breathwork art

A simple analogy is how bracing a walk in the woods can be. Surrounded by trees, which take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, it’s no wonder it’s so invigorating. Breathwork is a similar feeling, but even more powerful. It can release hidden emotions and help process past traumas and is often a life-changing experience. Breathwork can enhance creativity, ease anxiety, heighten consciousness, and renew energy.

Moesong, on the forefront of breathwork, works with individuals or small groups. We also teach professionals such as psychotherapists, massage therapists, acupressurists, acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, and others to use breathwork for enhancement of their own therapies.

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