Breathwork Training

Breathwork Training

Practicum in Therapeutic Breathwork

Facilitated by Steve Moe …*Authored by Jim Morningstar
This course is an in-depth training in breathwork…

Engage at your pace!

This course offers value to all healing arts professionals AND to all creative living seekers


  • Explorations for a lifetime of growth & healing
  • Integration of breathwork into your life roles, personal & professional
  • Connection with healing community
  • Certification as Level I Therapeutic Breathworker™


  1. What is Breathwork and its potential applications?
  2. Anatomy of a Breathwork session
  3. Reconditioning and resistance
  4. Synchronicity and ethics
  5. Metaphysical and physical aspects
  6. Completion

Only in person at MoeSong, 127 Randall Ave, Rhinelander
Course fee: $100 for the first class… $175 per class for classes #2 – #6

Register: Steve Moe: 715-362-3230

Assignments for Completion and Level 1 Certification:

  • Six Classes attended or listened to online
  • Breath Diary – Three to Six months of journaling about your
    breathwork and some daily breath awareness. Such as, “What I
    received from the Spirit of Breath today is…
  • Self-breathwork – Thirty consecutive days of 30 minutes or more of
    Conscious Connected Breathing
  • Exchanges – Minimum of Three breathwork exchanges
  • Breathworker supervision – Doing intake and progress notes on each
    session of someone you breathe 6-10 times with notes given to TBTP
    staff member
  • Professional Breathwork sessions – receive three professional
    breathwork sessions, 2 from TBTP staff or other GPBA Professional
    breathworkers and one from Jim Morningstar
  • Class report – 10-15 minute presentation of a breathwork session you
  • Written report 1-3 pages on “My most significant breathwork session”

These requirements can be completed at your own pace. Your intention does not need to be becoming a professional Breathworker in order to get value from this course and the credentialing. These skills will apply to all areas of your life experience, personal and professional.