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steve moe

Steve Moe has been professionally teaching the art of conscious, passionate living for over 20 years.

Steve is a Wisconsin Registered Bodyworker and a practicing member of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF), International Breathwork Training Alliance (IBTA) and the American Massage Council.

Through extensive training and experiences he brings elements of Breathwork, Massage, BioEnergetics, Earth Ceremony, Tantra and Spiritual Psychology into empowering and extraordinary sessions. He has presented internationally at the Global Inspiration Conference, co-leads “Sensuality, Flesh & Soul”, a Tantric Eco-Adventure held in Venezuela and is a partner in Transformations Inc., a premier and pioneering breathwork training program.

“The loving intention and space Steve created, sacred, profoundly respectful, easy”

-Ash Woolson – graduate student at Ohio State University



WindSong, Creatress of Inner Peace & Beauty, has been professionally sharing the pleasures of sensual peaceful living for over 24 years.

Through her training and profound personal experiences in Massage, Breathwork, Earth Ceremony, Dance, Tantra, Birth Midwifery, Death & Adornment, WindSong opens you to fully embracing your deepest inner beauty.

WindSong is a Wisconsin Registered Massage Therapist, a guest bodyworker at “Sensuality, Flesh & Soul”, a Tantric Eco-Adventure held in Venezuela, a practicing member of the American Massage Council and the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).

“I received the physical presence and touch from WindSong when I needed it.”



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